Solution Xtreme Screens

solution Xtreme screens

fabric options

Tucson Rolling Shutters & Screens partnered with leading fabric manufacturer Mermet USA, to provide shade fabric solutions that meet your exact project requirements. Mermet’s specialty fabrics are manufactured with exact precision to maximize the optical, thermal and structural properties of your shade system.

Expect advanced performance and dependable quality with Mermet, Sun Control Textiles.

Our two most common used fabric options are 5 and 10 percent openness. They offer 95% and 90% protection as based on the openness. We use mainly darker colors to absorb the heat and absorb excess light passing through the fabric. More absorption equals more protection and a clearer view through with less glare.


Natte 4505 95%

5% Openness factor offering 95% heat and UV protection. Good visibility. 10 year warranty.

Natte 4505 95%

5% Openness factor offering 95% heat and UV protection. Good visibility. 10 year warranty.

Natte 4500 90%

10% openness factor offering 90% heat and UV protection. Excellent visibility. 10 year warranty.

Easy to Use

Radio remote motors

The primary operation of a Solution Screen is via a motor with built-in radio receiver. One touch of your transmitter you can lower, raise, or stop your screens. One transmitter can operate each screen individually or as a group. Remote offers the best flexibility for future upgrades and integration.

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Apps For iOS & Android Devices

We offer a free app for controlling your Solution Screens from your phone. The app allows users to create a different scene for how they like to use their Solution Screens. This includes is a timing function for pre-programmed operation at set times.

Powder Coated Aluminum

We use extruded T6061 aluminum made in America pressed through our dies. We cut to size and powder coat at our shutter facility in Tucson. Custom color powder coating available to match any color. We offer 8 standard powder colors. We use 4, 5, and 7 inch housings to hide and protect the fabric. 

Our weighted bottom bar and fabric end plug system were engineered to take massive winds loads by design. We also created a seamless pocket designer look.

The Solution Screen guild rail and gasket system is well tested and proven successful on tens of thousands of installations around the world. Our co-extrusion gasket has a built-in shock absorbing system that allows the zipper screen to react to tremendous pressure without failure. The two-piece rail provides extra strength, hidden mounting bolts, and easier installation.