Rolling Shutters

Rolling shutters are made of foam filled aluminum slats that provide a barrier from the outside world. They insulate your home or business from heat, cold, noise, sunlight and intruders. Tucson Rolling Shutters offer you a solid security barrier when they are down but do not affect your view from inside when up.  They come in a variety of standard colors to match the exterior of your home or business as to be aesthetically pleasing when viewed from the outside. We offer many types of controls and options that are very user friendly, in order to suit your needs.  

the benefits of rolling shutters

UV Ray Protection 100%
Room Darkness 99%
Reduces Outside Noise 60%

materials for rolling shutters

We use aluminum for most of our products. Aluminum gives heavy-duty strength in a lightweight material that resists corrosion. Powder coating adds even greater durability and beauty to your shutters.

Our slats are made of a roll-formed aluminum framework filled with polyurethane foam. Polyurethane foam is an insulator for heat, cold, light, and sound. Together, they add up to an outstanding combination of security and insulation. The housing and guide rails are also made from powder coated aluminum.

Common Applications
for Rolling Shutters

Shutters improve your home’s security

Do you know why our rolling shutters are so secure?

All Tucson Rolling Shutters have an auto locking feature. They are an innovative aluminum self- locking solution that provide increased security and are a standard addition to our electric and crank wand operated rolling shutters. They exert a downward force on the shutter which helps to reduce light and increase security. This auto locking is exclusive to Tucson Rolling Shutters as most other companies use spring hangers on their electric and crank wand operated rolling shutters which does not offer the additional security of our system.

Rolling shutters are recognized by law enforcement agencies as a major deterrent to crime. For added convenience, choose a key switch entry or integrate Tucson Rolling Shutters with your home automation system.

cool down your costs

Tucson Rolling Shutters also provide significant money savings by reducing energy costs in your home or business. Our shutters give you a “dead air space” (the space between the window and the shutter), which is the most important aspect of insulation effectiveness. While the sun can produce temperatures in excess of 165° through windows and glass doors, Tucson Rolling Shutters eliminates 99% of the sun’s rays from ever reaching inside. Stopping the heat can save up to 60% on the cost of cooling the interior space. 

Savings From Shutters
Heat Lost During Winter



Temperatures can
reach over 160° through
windows & doors.

Conversely, 47% of heat loss during the winter occurs through these same openings. Tucson Rolling Shutters provide an excellent barrier against this heat loss, utilizing the same “dead air space” and foam filled aluminum slats. In addition to these energy saving benefits, Tucson Rolling Shutters’ affordable pricing adds to the overall value and aesthetics of your home, making your purchase both an immediate and long-term investment.

customize your shutters

your favorite colors

Your custom made Tucson Rolling Shutters are available in a variety of colors and sizes so your investment adds to the value and aesthetics of your home. Slats, housing, and guide rails are all available in white, light beige, dark beige, bronze, cream and gray. Custom colors are available for some parts and hardware, please inquire to find out how we can help you with your special project.


The slats come standard as a 40mm foam injected profile of interlocking slats. The 40mm is standard on most normal door and window applications. We also offer a 55mm profile used for patio or wide applications. Additionally, we can special order an extruded aluminum slat for maximum strength and security.

automatic control

We offer the Tucson Signature Series Motors and Electronics in all of our products. Our motors and retractable controls are so reliable we can offer a lifetime warranty. Choosing the perfect combination of controls provides convenience to match your lifestyle.

  • Remote Controls
  • Manual Overrides for Safety
  • Home Automation Interface
  • Timers
  • Simple Designer Switches

manual operators

Manual operation for rolling shutters include pull strap, crank strap and crank wand. The strap operators are best where security is not a top concern because they cannot be used with our secure auto locking feature.


Electric rolling shutters have self-contained motors that can be operated with wall-mounted switches, key-operated switches, or hand-held remote controls. Electric shutters can also have manual override options for emergency use in case of power failure. 

Commercial Applications

Protect your home and business with Tucson Rolling Shutters. Be open and inviting during the day and locked down when closed. Protect your investment with a solid security product with a proven track record.