New Construction

New Construction

All of our products can be built-in to new construction or remodeling projects. The degree of built-in depends on how early you design the product into the application. Design phase is the best time to plan retractable products. Proper planning will allow more hardware to be integrated into the structure and out of view. Plan our products into your design not onto your design for maximum aesthetic appeal.


  • Clean look with the retractable product hidden in the wall or ceiling
  • More secure with the rails and housing within the structure
  • Increase your property value
  • You can trust our 30+ years of construction experience

Exterior Rolling Shutters & Retractable Solution Screens

Using our cross-section details window and door openings need to have the rough opening (RO) call out increase in height by the amount of the shutter or screen housing plus a little room.

The product will track down outside but still roll up into the void above your window or door. Maintenance access is gained through an access panel mounted on the interior of your home or business.

Access Panels

Interior access panels are used to gain access to the shutter or screen encased within the wall. Fortunately, our products do not require regular adjustments so access to the product is very rare. The standard access panel is made from MDF board and installed on the dry wall above the window or door. The installation timing is important so the panels can be textured and painted to match the surrounding walls.

Custom access panels can be made to complement any taste.

3 Access Panels

Exterior Solution Xtreme
Patio Screens

A patio screen can be incorporated into a patio design with many choices of application. The most common detail is the sofit fit. A niche is built into the ceiling or sofit area on a patio. This cavity is the mounting location for the screen mechanism and motor.

The screen virtually drops out of the ceiling when needed. An aluminum access panel is used to cover the cavity and can be removed for maintenance.

Interior Screens & Shades

Tucson Interior screens and shades can be niche mounted inside the home or business. A niche or pocket is created above the door or window to allow the screen or shade to be mounted up out of view. For additional concealment we offer a niche cover to close off the niche area and hide the product.

Room darkening shade in a niche. Semi-translucent shade in niche. View screens in niche.